About Kira Kira Kandy

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A contemporary confectionery based in Singapore, Kira Kira Kandy introduced the glowing lollipop to Singapore in 2016.

Like stars lighting up the night sky, each Kira Kira Kandy lollipop inspires wonder and celebrates the joy sweets bring everyone.

Designed in Singapore and handmade by third generation confectioners in Taiwan, each Kira Kira Kandy lollipop is uniquely crafted using different techniques that serve to highlight distinctive colours, patterns and shapes. This ensures each product has its own individual aesthetics – allowing you to create an exclusive look for your dessert table, whether it is for a birthday celebration or a corporate event. 

Kira Kira Kandy’s approach to perfecting their lollipops is not limited to innovating how they look and taste. The technology behind their glowing lollipop sticks is also constantly being elevated. In addition, Kira Kira Kandy is highly conscientious of safety standards and all their products conform to international standards for health and safety. They are certified safe by CE and RoHS and approved by AVA Singapore. 

Today, Kira Kira Kandy is a popular choice for sweets that are a visual and taste sensation. Their uniquely designed lollipops have also attracted a fan base that includes not only children and mummies but also international brand names that have featured custom Kira Kira Kandy lollipops at their corporate events.