We get loads of questions all the time, and here are our more common ones.
If you’ve got queries unanswered here, get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you!

How many calories are in your lollies?

Each candy has exactly 97.5 Calories.

Are they safe for consumption? Will the sticks snap?

Our ingredients are specifically selected for non-hazardous ingredients. The candies are also certified safe and non-hazardous by RoHS and CE. The sticks can take 30N of force. That’s a lot!

Are your products Halal?

We are in the midst of acquiring a halal certification for our products. As far as we know, there is no gelatin used.

Are they peanut oil free?

Yes. They are peanut oil free.

Are they gluten-free?

Yes. They absolutely are.

How long can these candies last? Do they have an expiry date?

The candies generally last up to a year, if kept well. The expiry dates are also clearly printed on every wrapper.

How do I store them? Do I need to keep them in a fridge or freezer?

Please store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct heat. A zip lock bag with some desiccant will do. We wouldn’t recommend storing them in a fridge or freezer. Condensation may impair the performance of the electronics.

How long do the lights last?

The lights will last for 7 days if kept on. However, they do get weaker.

Can I replace the batteries?

Unfortunately, no. We have designed them to prevent children accidentally swallowing the batteries.

The lights dont turn on.

Please remove the battery separator tab, and try them again. The batteries might have been misaligned during transit. A few firm taps on the handle will usually work. If they still don’t work, please get in touch with us.

These would be great for my kids birthday party/ graduation. Do you have a special package for these events?

Yes we do. There is a minimum order quantity to be met, but we would love to hear from you!

Do you ship these overseas?

Yes, we do! Freight charges may vary, but please get in touch with us!

Do you do seasonal specials?

Yes, we do! Follow us here for email updates, (we don’t share your information) or like us on Facebook or Instagram!

What flavours are there? Do the colours have a special flavour?

Yes, each colour does have a special flavour to them.

They are

  • Red colour – Strawberry flavour
  • Orange colour- Orange flavour
  • Yellow colour- Passionfruit flavour
  • Green colour-  Apple flavour
  • Blue colour-  Japanese Soda flavour
  • Clear Blue colour- Blueberry flavour
  • Purple colour- Grape flavour
  • Pink colour- Peach flavour
  • White- Natural Cane Sugar flavour